About Us

About Westgear

Founded in 2004, Westgear Engineering Pty Ltd provides engineering and maintenance business for today's mining and resource sector. With over 22 years of engineering and contracting experience, our objective is to provide for the clients' needs and resulting in a positive outcome. We react promptly, competently and most importantly, safely.

Our core services include Laser Alignment, Mobile Line Boring and Plant Maintenance. Westgear is closely associated with a large machining and fabrication workshop in Perth where we have special components machined.

Westgear is a resourceful company, decisions are prompt and client requirements are heard and responded to with unequal speed. Our motivation is to build client relations through service, safety, quality and reliability. We understand your operations are 24-hours and so are we. Westgear can mobilise our laser alignment technician within an hour of your call to meet urgent requirements.

Westgear have the industry experience needed to get you the best results. Our laser alignment expertise extends to various machinery arrangements including de-watering pumps, motors, gearboxes, turbines, fans, gas compressors and machine trains. You will also receive a comprehensive report with every alignment. Westgear use Pruftechnik ultra advanced wireless laser alignment equipment. Shims are used to assist in reaching the tolerances for the machinery. Westgear use precision cut, high quality, stainless steel shims that ensure the alignment is safe and accurate. We CAD draw and laser cut special-purpose shims to suit all configurations.